Recent Projects

Tehachapi Train Depot - cut off the lower 7' of a ramp, drilled a 4" dia. hole 4 1/2' under ramp for water drainage. Broke and removed concrete.

concrete cutting, concrete drilling

Hole in the Wall - Drill a 12" Hole 10' up using a vacuum ring for slurry containment.
concrete hole drilling

Backyard Pool Deck - cut into decorative 4"x4" squares.

Pool 4x4 Concrete Cutting

Wall Opening - 12"x28"x12" Wall Opening (18' Up, No Overcuts)

Wall Opening

Work Above Elec. Panel

electric panel

Patio Deck - cut into decorative 12" grid.

decorative patio

Line-drill for A/C ducting - work on inner wall of dept store, merchandise on both sides could not be disturbed by wall saw or chainsaw.

line drill

line drill

Line Drill - for refrigerant lines 60"x 18"

refrigerant lines